Online Registration Below

  • 1 hr classes $50 per month (10% discount each additional class)
  • 10% discount excludes from GYS and Stunt classes due to instuctor/student ratio 
  • Annual class registration fee - $35 (per athlete)…All Star registration fee - $35 (per athlete)
  • All Star Tumbling can be attended for $10/session for non all stars (after $35 registration is paid)
  • Future Stars: $80 per month, includes All Star Tumbling on Mondays in addition to Friday practice time
  • Private Lessons - $25-$30 per half hour (cost varies by instructor, so call or email for details)
  • Team Time – Call or email for pricing info (1 ¼ hour sessions - 10 athlete minimum)

Current Class Schedule

(Class descriptions at bottom of page)

Class Descriptions

All Stars - Competitive teams that are both age and skill set based. Please call or email to schedule an evaluation to be placed on a team.

Future Stars - This is a non-competitive team/class that works on all elements of cheer: motions, jumps, stunting, tumbling and overall conditioning.

GYS (Get Your Skills) Basics - All beginner tumbling skills.  Handstands, forward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, bridges.  This class will build a solid tumbling foundation for beginners.

GYS (Get Your Skills) Walkovers - This class focuses on all basic tumbling skills up through front and back walkovers, series standing back walkovers, running passes and specialty passes through to series back walkovers. Prerequisite: cartwheel, round off, bridge.

GYS (Get Your Skills) Back Handsprings - This class focuses on all back handspring tumbling skills: standing back handsprings, series handsprings, jump handspring combos, running passes and specialty passes through to handsprings. Prequisite: unassisted walkover skills.

GYS (Get Your Skills) Tucks & Layouts - This class focuses on all tuck and layout skills: standing back tucks, series standing handspring tucks, jump handspring tucks, punch fronts, running passes and specialty passes through to tuck and layout. Prerequisite: unassisted standing and running back handspring skills.

GYS (Get Your Skills) Twisting – This class prepares athletes for USASF level 5 tumbling skills: arabian, running full/double, standing handspring(s) to full, standing full, jump tuck.  Prequisite: layouts.

Stunt Class - For all things stunt: base/flyer technique and hands on stunting with the staff.

Team Time - Reserve your team practice slot today. Come train with the Victory staff.  Days and times scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Call today!

Tiny Tumblers – Basic tumbling for kids ages 6 and under. 

We also offer a fitness membership for parents/ or email for more info!