Victory! All Stars is a competitive cheerleading program comprised of athletes of all ages from throughout the Central Piedmont Region. These teams will have the opportunity to compete in local, regional, national and international events.  Any athlete 18 years old and under is eligible to participate.

Victory! is directed by owners with over 15 years of college coaching experience with the Charlotte 49ers and Georgia Tech Cheerleading and over 50 years of combined experience in the cheerleading industry.  Jason & Lauren have established a highly competitive program that fosters athlete and character development.  We encourage a healthy family environment where our athletes can thrive and succeed on and off the floor.

Our coaches develop not only the skills of our athletes but take the time to instill such important characteristics as sportsmanship, integrity, loyalty, strong work ethic and teamwork.  Proper skill perfection is balanced with challenging our athletes and keeping their safety at the forefront.  Come join the Victory! All Star family and be a part of the area's finest all star cheerleading program!


Platinum - Senior Coed 5

Tanzanite - Senior Restricted Coed 5

Sapphires - Senior Coed 3

Obsidian - Senior 2

Blue Diamonds - Junior 4

Onyx - Youth 3

Blue Topaz - Youth 2

Moonstones - Youth 1

Crystals - Tiny 1

Gems - Novice

Amethyst - 8 years old & older, Special Needs

* This breakdown is subject to change to accommodate any necessary adjustments at the discretion of the coaching staff or to comply with any USASF changes

** All ages are as of August 31 of the current season

Our Values

An important part of the Victory! Family is represented by the acronym TRLFC.  The “V” our athletes wear on their uniforms not only stands for Victory! but also represents the Roman numeral five.  The number five refers to our five core values which are represented by the letters “TRLFC”.  These values are engrained into our athletes and are the foundation of our athletic and individual successes.

TEAMWORK - We experience our successes and challenges a team.  We push each athlete to reach personal goals which in turn results in greater team success.

RESPECT - Our athletes are taught to respect themselves and the contributions of every teammate, as well as the role of their coaches as leaders and mentors.  We also teach our athletes to be fiercely competitive while always respecting their competition. 

LEADERSHIP - By carrying ourselves with confidence but never sacrificing sportsmanship, we expect our athletes to be leaders by their actions both on and off the floor.

FAMILY - We promote an environment of encouragement and support.  We want our athletes to feel like time spent with us is time spent with their second family. 

CHARACTER - We teach young people the importance of doing what is right.  Image is created by what people see you doing.  Character is who you are when no one is watching.